Vehicle Wraps & Graphics Installation

Vehicle wraps and graphics have the powerful ability to transform a vehicle into a marketing machine or custom piece of art. The actual process of installing a vinyl vehicle wrap is a tricky one best left to the professionals. Our team at Utility Wraps is trained explicitly in professionally installing any size, shape, and complexity of vehicle wraps.

Whether you’ve brought your own piece or had us custom design one for you, our experiences wrap installation team will begin applying the finished vinyl product to your vehicle. Our team of professional installers will carefully apply it to your vehicle in our on-site 65’ installation bays. The fact that we own these bays means we don’t have to outsource the installation of your vehicle wrap to another shop. That’s a rare thing in our industry, and we’re actually the people other shops use to install their work!

One of our three full-time installers will ensure that your design matches your approved proof, is perfectly aligned, and free of any ripples or bubbles. From the largest trucks to personal jet skis, we’re equipped to handle any project. We also specialize in bulk applications for your fleet of vehicles and are able to provide a consistent and professional look with every vehicle.

We also maintain a clean shop with high standards of quality control. This is a vital part of any professional vehicle wrap installation. Particulates like dust, sand, and dirt can easily hurt a vinyl wrap and cause it to malfunction or need replacement sooner than it is designed to. Along with having our own space that we maintain, we also have a strict process of cleaning your vehicle throughout the installation process, ensuring a smooth application and extending the life of your wrap.

No matter how big or small your vehicle wrap, or graphic is, let our trusted team of professional installers here at Utility Wraps get the job done for you. We’re even here to help design and print your vinyl wrap if you need it. Give us a call at (205) 236-0226 now to talk to one of our installers today.